what we are

what we are

what are we

Biker has always wanted to have a personalized, unique bike. However, due to the complexity of the process and economic profitability, manufacturers in the market only can provide production accessories of the Motor.

But at Kinglemc, with our ideas can be turned into reality.

Kinglemc is a manufacturer that designs, manufactures and sells in US.We major in engraving accessories of motorcycle.Each Artworks will have a limit.Also we offer image customized ,Customers can provide the pattern of the designs, within 60 days you will receive your customized image part, a series of rigorous processes are about to be completed - pattern communication, design of the prototype, production, 360-degree visual inspection and delivery.

We are not only satisfied with the simple design, good design must be seamlessly integrated with production, which is what we are striving for. Looking forward to connecting with the global Bikers.

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